Song of the (Bi-Week), Week 1: “After the Gold Rush”

I’ve recently decided to record a cover song every 2 weeks in 2011 and post them here on my website for free as a way to keep me constantly making new music. These won’t just be me with an acoustic guitar; they’ll be fully interpreted and arranged songs (albeit recorded on my laptop, so not always the best quality).

This week, for the first entry in 2011, I recorded “After the Gold Rush,” from Neil Young’s 1970 album After the Gold Rush. Enjoy!

Suggestions/requests for future Songs of the (Bi-)Week are always welcome.

One thought on “Song of the (Bi-Week), Week 1: “After the Gold Rush””

  1. Richard Thompson’s “Solitary Life.” Daniel Johnston’s “True Love Will Find You In the End,” because the number of versions of it extant make it the indie equivalent of a folk standard. “Animal,” Miike Snow. Any number of Mountain Goats songs, as long as you wait until I come back to the States to back you up on piano.

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