The Roland High Life

From 2006-2008, I played in an indie rock band called The Roland High Life, with my friends Chris Correia and Walker Dieckman. I think we wrote some pretty decent tunes, if you ask me.

If You Really Want To Hear About It

If You Really Want to Hear About It was recorded in the summer of 2007 at WERS in Boston, with the exception of the song “Roxie,” which was recorded at Emerson College in December of 2007. When we first began discussing the album, Walker (piano/vocals) was reading The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger for the very first time. Chris, our drummer, revealed that this was his favorite book of all time, and that he was in fact able to open the book to the exact page of his favorite line, in multiple printed editions. Coupled with Holden Caulfield allusion in the song “Homecoming King,” we decided to name the album after the first line in the book, and later added an spoken audio sample of the book’s final sentence to the beginning soundscape of “Your Last Fall.” Unfortunately, the album was never fully mixed/mastered before the hard drive containing the files was destroyed. The album was never officially released, and the band eventually fell apart. The songs below are thus rough representations of what would have been the final album.

If You Really Want to Hear About It

B-Sides/Bonus Tracks:

I Came Here to Die (Squatter Song)

Kiss the Bottle (Jawbreaker Cover)

Lyrics by Thom Dunn
Music by the Roland High Life:
Thom Dunn-Guitars. Vocals. Bass. Noise.
Walker Dieckmann-Piano. Vocals. Noise.
Chris Correia-Drums. Gang Vocals on “Homecoming King”
Kosta Zavras-Bass on “Roxie”. Gang Vocals on “Homecoming King.”

Paul Cantillon, Jon Ryan, Jim Sligh-Gang Vocals on “Homecoming King”
Ashley Fetyko-Violin on “Dad’s Diaries” Audio samples on “Your Last Fall,” provided by some chick that Alden brought into the studio, some cell phone audio, and a text on Wagnerian Opera. Seriously.

“Kiss the Bottle” originally written by Blake Schwarzenbach. Performed by Jawbreaker. “Kiss the Bottle” originally appears on “17 Reasons: The Mission District,” compilation LP/CD. Released by Mission Merchants, October 1992.

Recorded July-August 2007, except “Roxie” recorded December 2007
Engineered by Alden Fertig and Walker Dieckmann, except “Roxie” engineered by Maria Fischel and some other guy with help from Walker Dieckmann.
Produced by Alden Fertig, Walker Dieckmann, Thom Dunn and the Roland High Life.

Mixed by Walker Dieckmann

Live Recordings

Kiss The Bottle (Jawbreaker cover, Live In Space, 6/2/2007)

Idiosyncratic Routine (Live In Space, 6/21/2007)

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