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Boozin’ & Writin’

Here’s a new post I did for the fine folks at Quirk Books, about two of mankind’s greatest creations: alcohol, and literature.

“How To Drink Like Your Favorite Writer: From Hemingway to Bukowski” at Quirk Books

Song of the (Bi-)Week, Week 7: “I Gotta Feeling”

I’m going to be completely honest right now: I think “I Gotta a Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas is one of the most trite, mundane, and obnoxious songs ever written. And the fact that anyway — including but not limited to my left ass-cheek — could have written something so asinine makes even angrier, because neither me nor left ass-cheek did write it, and neither one of us is famous.

The song came on while I was driving the other day, and I started thinking of ways to make it better (and by better, I mean worse, which means better, because it’s already the worst. Get it?). So I grabbed my acoustic guitar, dropped it into a minor key, and suddenly America’s moronic party anthem sounds…well, it sounds like a struggle with addiction, really. Not to make light of that issue, I do find it interesting how fine the line is between fun and self-destruction, as this musical, but not lyrical*, shift demonstrates.

*Okay, there’s a slight lyrical shift. I know, it’s slow, it’s sad, but keep listening towards the end of the 2nd verse, and there might be a little surprise waiting for you….