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Oh, Boston, What A Character

Here’s another video I made for the Huntington’s upcoming production of Good People by David Lindsay-Abaire (previews start this Friday!). 
Following its successful premiere on Broadway last year, Good People is one of the most produced plays in the country in the coming theatrical season — but we’re the only theatre producing this Boston-centric play in the city of Boston itself. I spoke with the director (an Acton native) and members of the cast (one of whom is from Southie, another from Watertown) about the pressures and rewards of doing this popular new play in the city in which its based.  The general consensus seems to be that the city of Boston is in fact the central character of the play, a little bit of universal anthropomorphizing that I can totally get behind (and also feels very noir to me, considering the role that LA plays in the work of Raymond Chandler, hrmmmm….)

(Also, the playwright himself gave his public approval of the piece on twitterAnd he’s got a Pulitzer. Eat that, Alyssa Milano!)