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Who For You For Me For Who?

My incredibly talented partner, Ms. M. Bevin O’Gara, is directing the Boston premiere of You For Me For You, a fantastical new play by Mia Chung that tells the story of two sisters trying to escape North Korea and flee to the United States. Bevin and I tend to stay out of each others’ ways when it comes to our creative processes, so while I’ve read the script, I honestly don’t know much about the production itself — but I can tell you that I’m incredibly excited to see this highly imaginative story acted out on stage (and not just because my girlfriend is the director and I’m biased).

Here’s a little preview video I put together for the production, which starts performances tomorrow and runs through February 16:

(side note, when I was approached to create a video for the show, it took so much of my will power to not just give them this:

but you knew that was coming, right? I’m a horrible person)

Superhero Politics

Instead of the usual political opinions, I tried instead to write a piece that explores politics without being overtly political. Although my editors at Tor were initially hesitant of the controversy, they were ultimately pretty pleased with the product! And so, my latest article at Tor Dot Com explores the centrist politics of Brian K. Vaughan’s Superhero-Turned-Mayor-Of-New-York-City epic Ex Machina, which actually takes an impressively (if ultimately depressing) nonpartisan view at the ups and downs of American politics, only with lots more punching and invaders from alternate realities (obvi).

Ex Machina and the Great Political Machine of Brian K. Vaughan” on Tor Dot Com

Love Me, Love Me, Love Me — I’m a Liberal

While I’ve mostly avoided political discourse on this website (at the pub after a few beers, now that’s a different story), I was recently reminded me of the existence of this song, and was struck by how relevant and poignant it was (read: people in the 99% need to stop posting things on Facebook bitching about the 99%, because every complaint I’ve seen coming from a member of the 99% betrays a clear misunderstanding of the entire movement, and is completely counterproductive. Seriously, we’re all in this together, and if you don’t want to actively support the movement, then fine, but don’t make fun of your own problems on a public forum because you’re only hurting yourself. There, I said it).

Anyway, here’s a song, originally written by Phil Ochs, later adapted by Kevin Devine (and further updated, however slightly by myself). Lyrics after the break; enjoy!

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Welcome to Earf

Here’s a little prose poem for your patriotic pleasure (following up on last year’s Fourth of July post). If you’ve ever wondered about what it really means to be an American — well, I think I’ve got your answer right here!

“Freedom’s Flame” on FiveByFiveHundred.com

And as an extra holiday bonus, here is a video of the BEST SPEECH EVER from a masterful cinematic beauty that shares its name with the holiday in question: