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Now Or Later Opening!

Now Or Later officially opened this past Wednesday, and we couldn’t be happier with the results! Okay, well, I guess we could a little bit, but overall, the reaction has been pretty fantastic for this “heady and provocative” 75-minute political thriller. So here’s a little somethin’ I put together to show off the overwhelmingly positive audience reaction, along with some footage from the production itself:

Because There’s Not Enough Political Bullshit Filling Your Facebook Feed….

…so here’s a new video I made about our current production at the Huntington, a prescient new play called Now Or Later that’s set on Election Night. While the last piece focused on the First Family drama at the heart of the play, this one explores the eerily relevant politics of the play (which was actually written 5 years ago, but feels like it was written right now. RIGHT NOW). Check it out: