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Stay Tuned, True Believers!

Rehearsals for my new play True Believers are now well under way! I’m incredibly to be working with our talented and enthusiastic cast, featuring:

  • Ryan Edlinger as Chad Mailer. “Comic book writer, creator of Night Shift. High aspirations; doesn’t get the attention he thinks he deserves. Seriously didn’t mean to make Wolverine gay.”
  • Michael Avellar as Ted Thompson. “Comic book editor, currently at DC Comics. Worked on Night Shift with Chad. Recently divorced. She took his entire Star Wars collection in the settlement. Yes, that includes his Han Solo in Carbonite coffee table. Not that he’s bitter or anything.”
  • Zach Winston as Billy Horowitz. “Amateur comic book journalist (read: video blogger) and Cyborg Rights Activist (he has a pacemaker). Avid cosplayer.”
  • Jeffrey Charles Marcus as Calvin Elder. “By day, a mild mannered aspiring comic book artist. By night, he dons the mantle of…Avenger! No, not ‘The’ Avenger. Just Avenger. You haven’t heard of him? Calvin didn’t make him up. He’s an original creation.”
  • James Remmes as Box. “Comic writer and professional druid magic user (or at least that’s what he says). Actually knows how to pronounce ‘Cthulhu Ftagn.’ His mom calls him Christopher.”
  • Caitlyn Conley as Kt Watts. “Artist on Night Shift (as Katie Tulle). Also wrote the final issue (as Kt Watts). Recently sold the movie rights to her slice-of-life graphic novel Robots Still Love You (Until Their Batteries Die). Her roller derby name is SnatchBox 20.”
  • Rachel Katharine Alexander as Chloe Long. “Small town girl from Kansas. Flying to the city for the first time in her life to finally meet her online boyfriend in person. She’s a little nervous.”
  • and Anne ColpittsSteve Marois in the ensemble.

Tickets are on sale now. The show runs July 12 – 21 at the Piano Factory Theatre in Boston’s South End. Check back soon for more updates!

Clothes Make the Fan

This has often been on my mind, but the specific inspiration for this piece goes back to the preview screening of THE AVENGERS that I attended. Naturally, there were a lot of people in the audience wearing comic book t-shirts. Because it was a preview screening for an epic comic book movie, and comic book fans (unsurprisingly) enjoy comic book movies (although I suppose “enjoy” can be argued…) and are also the type of people who would seek out passes for a preview screening and stand in line for 2 hours just for a chance to see the movie 3 days before its release.

You know. People like me.

But in any large gathering of comic book fans (more than most other subcultures), I tend to notice a lot of awkward compliments. Kid in the Fantastic Four t-shirt sees kid in the Spider-Man t-shirt while we’re all waiting in line to go to the bathroom, and of course, he has to go up to him and say “Hey. Cool shirt,” as if he’s somehow surprised to see that someone else here likes comic books (or that somehow, someone else besides him has heard of the Amazing Spider-Man!). I don’t mean to be a miserable cynic — I’m glad that people can find those social connections, because it is both comforting, and important — I just find it odd. It’s like going up to someone wearing a Red Sox t-shirt at a Red Sox game and saying “Oh hey man, you like Red Sox, too? I love the Red Sox!” Well yes of course you’re at a fucking Red Sox game.

But I digress.

“Cool Shirt, Dude” on FiveByFiveHundred.com

I’m Back Now, And I Brought T-Shirts For Everybody!

I have a confession to make. I didn’t really bring t-shirts for everybody. Although I do have these sweet new business cards! So that’s cool, right?

I know I’ve been slacking (again) lately (again) with keeping this website updated with all of my various doin’s. But it’s not like I’ve not been not doing things (…or is it?)! Instead, I’ve just been too busy doing things to, ya know, write about doing things. It’s kind of why I hate meetings in general, because I’d rather be doing things, than talking about doing things. So this website’s kind of like a meeting then. Except I don’t hate it; in fact, I quite love my little website here. So really, not like a meeting at all.

(shut up Thom) Okay so here’s a brief rundown of where the hell I’ve been:

  • My very short play, Stumped, was performed as part of a staged reading series to celebrate Company One‘s production of Hookman.
  • My debut comic book story, Not Dead Yet, finally saw print in GrayHaven Comics’ sci-fi anthology, The Fifth DimensionAlso the first printing already sold out, which means maybe someday you’ll be able to sell that shit on eBay for like $20 (but probably not)
  • I did a totally awesome article for Quirk Books comparing Samuel Beckett (the playwright) to Sam Beckett (the time traveling protagonist from Quantum Leap) and it was totally awesome. Don’t believe me? Ask the former executive director of the American Theatre Wing!
  • I also started doing some writing for Tor.com, with my first article being a roundup of great sci-fi/fantasy rock bands (so basically my two favorite things, combined. If only there was more beer!)
  • We did another staged reading of my play True Believers as part of ImprovBoston’s Geek Week celebration. It was really great to hear the play out loud in front of different kind of crowd, as it helps me figure out what kind of changes I need to make to the script before the world premiere this summer at the Factory Theatre (July 12 – 21! Get yer tickets while they’re hot! Just kidding, they’re not on sale yet). The lovely producing folks at Vagabond Theatre Group have a post up over at their website about the event so you can catch up on all the happening. There’s also the first part of an instructional series about how to make your very own The Cyborg Head of Stan Lee, which actually comes a lot more in handy than you might think.
  • Did I mention that I launched a new website for the Huntington, and that our world premiere production of The Luck of the Irish was extended, and sold out almost every night? For being, ya know, “just my day job” or whatever, sometimes it keeps me pretty busy as well.
  • Plus Cupcake! So many things, so very busy with this wonderfully little world-premiere-musical-that-could. We raised $6,000 in our Kickstarter campaign (we were going for $3,750…whoops!), and we were the featured show this past Friday on Goldstar. You may have seen some of my sexy posters around town as well (just don’t tell Grant that I photoshopped his arm a bit…) Previews start this Thursday, May 10!
  • AND, to top it all off, I’ve only got like 50 pages left to read in Infinite Jest (finally! Jesus God this book is epic), so I’m gonna go finish that right now and hopefully conquer my crippling fear (no pun intended) of paraplegic Quebecers.

Who Watches Alan Moore?

Alan Moore has a reputation. Besides being crazy, he’s also famously curmudgeonly. If there’s a problem with my grammar and use of adverb in the preceding sentence, then, well, Alan Moore can cast some crazy black magic spell on me. I don’t really care.

There’s been a lot of news and opinions spewed forth around the internet regarding the recently announced Before Watchmen from DC Comics, a collection of prequel miniseries based on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ universally acclaimed Watchmen. When it all comes down, Moore may have been screwed (multiple times) in the past, but DC currently has every legal right to make this happen, and, well, comics have a history of picking up from someone else’s characters and making a run for it.

But that’s neither here nor there. This post is just to tell you to check out my latest post on Five By Five Hundred, which was inspired by a comment made by Alan Moore in the video embedded below (which, fair warning, is a two-and-a-half hour long interview in which he is not surprisingly verbose and curmudgeonly and also crazy black magic wizard plus beard).

“Adventure Capitalism” on FiveByFiveHundred.com

SuperBeer to the Rescue!

Head on over to the fine folks at Quirk Books and check out my world-famous (read: on the internet) Comic Book & Beer Pairings article on their blog! It’s comic books, and beer, together. What more could you possibly want?

Also, shout out to Quirk’s Marketing & Social Media Coordinator Eric Smith for the fantastic pictures that he scrounged together to accompany each entry. They help make the article extra awesome-worthy.

In the News!

It’s a good week for being me! I opened up a print copy (on newsprint! Gets on your hands!) of Boston’s Weekly Dig, only to find that they reprinted my tweet to them about my Haiku Beer Reviews from last week’s Beer Summit (for which I had tickets from the Dig), and they even printed one of the haikus (for ZOMBIE KILLER Meade from B.Nektar) in their pages. This marks the second time that the Dig has printed one of my silly poems (the last time being in October, 2010 in their “Oh, Cruel World!” column, wherein I expressed my violent rage about a bicycle accident in verse) which all just makes me think that they should give me a job as “Official Writer of Silly Verse” or something.

Vagabond Theatre Group, who is the producing the upcoming reading of my play True Believers, posted a lovely and thoughtful blogpost about my play, and the trend (or lack thereof) of comic book-related stories in theatre. It’s a brief but flattering piece, that you should check out if you have the chance!

Coming up: even more news that I can’t quite officially announce yet. Hollerr.

Excelsior! Stay Tuned, True Believers!

I’m excited to announce that the lovely people at Vagabond Theatre Group like me so much that they’ve decided to present a my new full-length play True Believers as the next staged reading/public workshop in their There Will Be Words reading series. I’ve met with the production team once so far, but they seem incredibly enthusiastic about my work (and impressed me with their own comic book/sci-fi/nerdery knowledge, which is of course very important, especially in a piece like this), so I’m looking forward to presenting the latest draft for a smart Boston audience.

The reading will take place Thursday, February 9 at Trident Booksellers & Cafe at 338 Newbury Street in Boston. Admission is free, but for a suggested $2 donation (plus Trident serves delicious food and a great selection of craft beers).

And yes, the Cyborg Head of Stan Lee will be in attendance. Hope to see you there!