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T-Shirt of the Dead: In Shocking 3D!

Apologies for missing last week’s post on Five By Five Hundred — my good friend Moose got married over the weekend (congrats, buddy!) and between the bachelor party, the wedding itself, and the various in town for the same festivities, I kind of forgot that Monday was a holiday, and that I had a piece due. Whoops!

Better late than never right?

My new entry for last week (’cause, ya know, I’m a time traveller n’ shiz) was inspired by Fashion Week — and, more specifically, the fact that t-shirts and Facebook pages have all but replaced gravestones as the default memorials of our deceased friends. So it’s a slightly surreal prose/poetry meditation on the fact that dead friends are now fashionable. But not like, wearing the skin of dead people — that’s just weird, man.*

“We Will Become T-Shirts” on FiveByFiveHundred.com

*Unless you’re some kind of Nordic Barbarian or something, in which case, well, to each his own, I guess. Who am I to judge?

Writing, Writing Everywhere, and Not a Drop To Read

I have to apologize for the radio silence here at ThomDunn.net over the last few weeks. Layne Anderson, a close friend and former roommate of mine, passed away unexpectedly on April 7th, and as much as I’ve kept up with everything (well, almost everything), time has been rather a blur. I’ve chronicled the situation as impersonally as possible over at FiveByFiveHundred.com in two posts — Shark Grief, about my own grieving process, and iWake, which as entirely fictional account of a some inappropriate gallows humor inspired by the situation of which Layne would have most certainly approved.

Meanwhile, this week’s entry steps away from the morbidity and explores the quantum mechanics of one night stands as interpreted through Bell’s Theorem, using the Shrödinger’s Cat experiment as a proof. Hopefully, that sounds ridiculous (and ridiculously intriguing) enough for you to check out Shrödinger’s Cat Call, also over at FiveByFiveHundred.com.

Also in the last two weeks, we’ve officially opened Sons of the Prophet at the Huntington, which is then moving to the Roundabout Theatre Company Off-Broadway in the Fall. Plus, I did some filming for Art & Design of the 20th & 21st Centuries and the Boston Print Fair, did a small reading of my new play, True Believers (which is set at a Comic Book Convention and features a cameo by the Cyborg Head of Stan Lee, among other things), and started rehearsals and arrangements for my (wait for it) all-male hard rock Lady Gaga tribute band, Alejandro & the Fame, which is going to be every bit as ridiculous as it sounds. Come check us out on May 20th at the afterparty for Propeller Theatre Company’s all-male production of Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors at the Huntington’s B.U. Theatre.

Woo. Okay. I think that’s it. Tune in next week for your regularly scheduled programming.