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The Huntington’s 30th Anniversary Season

The Huntington Theatre Company, Boston’s leading professional theatre company since 1982, is launching into their 30th Anniversary Season this year. Tickets went on sale yesterday for a season that includes Mary Zimmerman’s acclaimed production of Candide, the completion of August Wilson’s 20th Century Cycle with Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (ironically, his first hit play, and the last that the company is producing), the hit New York comedy God of Carnage (the film of which, directed by Roman Polanski, comes out in November), and Noël Coward’s Private Lives, along with three world premieres.

I’ve spent the last few weeks re-designing the Huntington’s website to fit with the new 30th Anniversary branding image, and I have to say, I’m pretty happy with the results. Check it out — and while you’re at it, maybe treat yourself to one of our shows along the way.

Oh, also? The entire season is going to be presented in SHOCKING REAL-D 3D!

Review: The Nightly News

The VOICE says: When killing activists, never shoot for the head, always aim for the heart.”

Over at DailyGenoshan.com, I’ve posted my review of Jonathan Hickman’s debut book The Nightly News, which combines contemporary graphic design, infographics, prose, photorenderings, and comic book dialogue with a gazillion conflicting narratives to tell the story of a domestic terrorist cult determined to take down the American news media. In case that sentence wasn’t clear, it’s absolutely nuts. Check it out.