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In the News!

It’s a good week for being me! I opened up a print copy (on newsprint! Gets on your hands!) of Boston’s Weekly Dig, only to find that they reprinted my tweet to them about my Haiku Beer Reviews from last week’s Beer Summit (for which I had tickets from the Dig), and they even printed one of the haikus (for ZOMBIE KILLER Meade from B.Nektar) in their pages. This marks the second time that the Dig has printed one of my silly poems (the last time being in October, 2010 in their “Oh, Cruel World!” column, wherein I expressed my violent rage about a bicycle accident in verse) which all just makes me think that they should give me a job as “Official Writer of Silly Verse” or something.

Vagabond Theatre Group, who is the producing the upcoming reading of my play True Believers, posted a lovely and thoughtful blogpost about my play, and the trend (or lack thereof) of comic book-related stories in theatre. It’s a brief but flattering piece, that you should check out if you have the chance!

Coming up: even more news that I can’t quite officially announce yet. Hollerr.

Haiku Beer Review: The Third!

Continuing in my established tradition from the Mass Brewer’s Fest and last year’s Winter Beer Jubilee, I present for you the latest installment of Haiku Beer Review, compiled at the 2012 Winter Beer Summit. I make tasting notes into my phone as the night goes on, so that I can turn them into haikus when I get home (and eventually sober up). I know, I know, I’m a genius, it’s true. Anyway, enjoy!

(Also, thanks to Dig Boston for the free tickets and for putting up with my whining. #thomdunnwantsbeer)

“Haiku Beer Review #3: Winter Beer Summit 2012” on FiveByFiveHundred.com

Haiku Beer Review — Part 2

In a tradition that began back in January at the Winter Beer Jubilee in Boston, I recently posted the second iteration of my “Haiku Beer Review” series, which is precisely what it sounds like — beer reviews, in haiku form (I also try to tweet Haiku Beer Reviews whenever I try a new brew at a bar). These reviews began as voice memos that were taken by my friends and I at the Mass Brewer’s Fest at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston on September 2, 2011, but I only just got around to compiling the voice memos and turning them into haikus. Anyway, if you like beer and/or poetry and/or drinking, I’d advise you check it out (along with, hopefully, some new beers)!

“Beer Review Haiku part Two” at FiveByFiveHundred.com

Broetry: Poetry, for Dudes!

Congratulations to my good friend (and fellow FiveByFiveHundred co-founder and Daily Genoshan founder) Brian McGackin, whose first book, Broetry, is available today from the lovely folks at Quirk Books!

Broetry is one of the those things that, when Brian first told me about the idea, I kind of wanted to punch him in the teeth, because of how stupidly brilliant and simple it is. It is quite literally poetry, but written for, well, dudes. There’s no waxing philosophical about flowers in the spring, but there is plenty of Mama Celeste Frozen Pizzas, comic books, X-Box 360, and HaiKougars to go around. I’ve been close to this project from its earliest moments, and can honestly say that it is every bit as fantastic as it sounds, and I encourage everyone to pick up a copy (because I guarantee you will find something in it that you enjoy). Also, as an added bonus, my name is in the book, so that’s cool, right?

In case you’re (somehow) still not convinced, here are a few samplings from the book that I think you might enjoy: