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An America / Universe / 12 Colonies / Other Fictional World That We Can Believe In

Judging by Facebook feed, we are now officially in the throes of Election Season. Which is kind of like mating season for most animals, but with more blood, and more assholes. And so to lighten to the mood (read: FURTHER contribute to the orgy of political posts that are currently consuming all of your various news outlets and social feeds), I’ve compiled a list for Tor Dot Com of my preferred third party options in the 2012 Presidential Election. This whole two-party system is whack, anyway; when do I get to vote for the Jedi Council?

“Ten Great Alternative (Fictional) Political Leaders” on Tor Dot Com

BONUS: This is the single greatest speech ever written in cinematic history. Oh man.

Welcome to Earf

Here’s a little prose poem for your patriotic pleasure (following up on last year’s Fourth of July post). If you’ve ever wondered about what it really means to be an American — well, I think I’ve got your answer right here!

“Freedom’s Flame” on FiveByFiveHundred.com

And as an extra holiday bonus, here is a video of the BEST SPEECH EVER from a masterful cinematic beauty that shares its name with the holiday in question: