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Now On Sale – “In A Single Bound: Superheroes For Greater Boston…And Beyond!”

Covers-12-150-small(wow I can’t believe I totally forgot to post about this back in April) (yes I realize I’ve been neglecting this site) (I could have sworn I posted about this when it happened…)

I recently published another comic book story, this one with Boston Comics Roundtable / Ninth Art Press and featuring artwork by my friend Jim Gallagher. Our story is part of an anthology series about Boston-centric superheroes, and what’s even cooler is that our superhero “Louie the Lone Dervish” (inspired by Louie With The Tricycle, a popular homeless guy around these parts) is featured right there on the cover on the anthology as well. Not bad for a story about a crazy superhobo on a refurbished three-wheeler!

The comic was originally set to have its debut at Boston Comic-Con back in April, but, well, that kind of got postponed because, you know, all kinds of craziness. So it’s now available online following the re-scheduled Boston Comic-Con from last weekend. You can pick up a copy of “In A Single Bound” #2 over at the Ninth Art Press website, a scant $6 for 36 glorious black-and-white pages done entirely by Boston-based writers & artists.

UPDATE: this blog post managed to make the rounds today, thanks to the magical powers of the Internet, and I was interviewed by Boston Magazine about it. You know, ’cause I’m awesome n’shizz. Check out the interview over on their website!

90s Nostalgia in the Boston Herald

Those of you who’ve met me are likely aware of my love (obsession) with The Adventures of Pete & Pete. I also may or may not have written a fantastic love song about Ellen Hickle that I will later post (if I can find out) and, as a result, may or may not have almost gone on a date with the actress that portrayed her.

But I digress.

I was recently interview by the Boston Herald for an article about 90s TV show nostalgia (specifically, the new “90s Are All That” latenight block on the TeenNick network). But mostly I just riff on my love for Pete & Pete. I mean, seriously — what other childrens’ show could get away with naming a math teacher “Ms. Cooter Fingerwood”?! How did that get past the censors in the 90s?

“Teen network blasts back to the ’90s” in the Boston Herald

Mass Hands

Here’s the full Mass Hands article, focusing on me as a homebrewer. The project overall is meant to be an interactive/new media exploration of handcrafted work that still thrives in Massachusetts.

(Personally, I wish I had a worn a t-shirt that more flattered my figure in the opening photograph, or at least that they had chosen a less-awkward picture of me, but you know what they say: Magneto was Right)

Mass Hands: Brew Mastery

Theater & Social Media

Anna Westendorf, a Journalism/Theatre student at Northeastern University, has been working on a project about theatre & new media, with a focus on the Huntington Theatre Company. We spoke a few times, since, well, that’s the whole point of what I do here at the Huntington. It’s not my most eloquent, seeing as I hadn’t slept in about five days at that point (Thom no talk good on no sleep), but still, it’s something.

Thanks to Anna for taking the time to speak with us!

Emerson GOLD Council

I received a brief shout-out in this article from the Berkeley Beacon, my Alma Mater’s student-run newspaper, about the Emerson GOLD (Graduates Of the Last Decade, get it?) Council, with whom I’ve been working and meeting for the last month or so. It’s a new initiative, but there’s some exciting plans on the horizon for Emerson Alumni in each of our main networks.

Also, special thanks to Caitlin Collins for not making me sound like an idiot, and not publishing any of the incredibly-witty-but-terribly-inappropriate-and/or-incriminating things that I may or may not have said during our brief interview.

Go Lions!*

*Just kidding. No one cares about sports at Emerson College.**

**Apologies to all of you Emerson athletes out there. I think you’re fantastic people. I really do. So I don’t say this to insult you. I say this because it’s true.