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More Booze n’ Books

Look, we all know that I love stories and drinking. This is no secret to anyone who’s ever spoken to me for more than a minute. So naturally, I’ve got another article on the topic that’s now live over at Quirk Books. Think of this as a kind of companion piece to my How To Drink Like Your Favorite Writer and A Guide To Pairing Your Comic Books and Beer posts. You liked those, right? Of course you did.

“Seven Cocktail Recipes & Drink Suggestions Inspired By Our Favorite Pieces Of Literature” at Quirk Books

Batman and Robin Will Never Die!

Is there anyone alive who doesn’t agree that Batman is totally awesome? No? That’s what I thought.

It’s also well documented by anyone who’s ever met me that I have a serious fascination with comic book writer / chaos magician / Scotsman / rockstar / occasional fictional character Grant Morrison, who, by sheer coincidence, has been guiding the adventures of the Dark Knight for the past 7 years or so as the man behind the pen. The good folks at Tor.com were kind of enough to let me indulge my Morrison obsession and love for clever poetic puzzles, and I re-read his entire story (so far) to provide a critical analysis of what appears to be his deconstruction of the identity of Batman — both as a symbol or piece of mythology, and as the man himself behind the mask, Bruce Wayne.

This undertaking proved to be much more epic than I had originally anticipated, but I’m still quite pleased with the end results. So check it out, even if you haven’t read all of Morrison’s Bat-epic (but really, you should probably do that).

“How Grant Morrison’s 7-Year Batman Epic is Becoming the Ultimate Definition of Batman” on Tor Dot Com

Boozin’ & Writin’

Here’s a new post I did for the fine folks at Quirk Books, about two of mankind’s greatest creations: alcohol, and literature.

“How To Drink Like Your Favorite Writer: From Hemingway to Bukowski” at Quirk Books

Attack of the #NaNoWriMoNoceros

We’re two-thirds of the way through the annual National Novel Writing Month, and over at Five By Five Hundred, I’ve decided to offer you a little help in finishing your novel. Don’t worry, you don’t have to thank me. I did it all out of the kindness of my heart. This 500-word novel excerpt will fit into any and everyone’s great book-to-be, regardless of the genre or subject matter. Seriously. No one will even notice that all of you have the exact same three paragraphs somewhere in the book.

Go ahead. Take it. It’s all yours.

“Excerpt From Your In-Progress Novel” at FiveByFiveHundred.com

Finally! The Catcher in the Rye Comes to the Big Screen!

Okay but not really. This week on Five By Five Hundred, I found myself inspired by a comment made in the play Matt & Ben, and decided to write up my own idea of what The Catcher in the Rye would be like if a fully Hollywood-ized Summer blockbuster movie adaptation were ever successfully made. Let’s just say it’s got all of the jetskis, missile launchers, and knife fights on moving trains that JD Salinger always wanted (I mean, obviously. It’s all the subtext. Didn’t you learn anything in Mrs. Frumento’s sophomore year high school English class? No? You were busy checking her out? Yeah, me too)

“Movie Pitch: CATCHERS IN THE RYE” on FiveByFiveHundred.com