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Mass Hands

Here’s the full Mass Hands article, focusing on me as a homebrewer. The project overall is meant to be an interactive/new media exploration of handcrafted work that still thrives in Massachusetts.

(Personally, I wish I had a worn a t-shirt that more flattered my figure in the opening photograph, or at least that they had chosen a less-awkward picture of me, but you know what they say: Magneto was Right)

Mass Hands: Brew Mastery

Review: The Nightly News

The VOICE says: When killing activists, never shoot for the head, always aim for the heart.”

Over at DailyGenoshan.com, I’ve posted my review of Jonathan Hickman’s debut book The Nightly News, which combines contemporary graphic design, infographics, prose, photorenderings, and comic book dialogue with a gazillion conflicting narratives to tell the story of a domestic terrorist cult determined to take down the American news media. In case that sentence wasn’t clear, it’s absolutely nuts. Check it out.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, Especially When There’s Time Travel Involved

It’s hard to stay together once you’ve watched your partner die.

Katie never understood this. She thought I was being irrational. “Everyone dies,” she said. Or will say, I’m not sure if she’s actually said it yet. “It’s something that happens. But you and I, we’ll always be together, at least somewhen in time.”

Check out my latest piece, Not Dead Yet, at FiveByFiveHundred.com!