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Athbhliain Faoi Mhaise Dhaoibh!

(that’s “Happy New Years” in Irish, ‘natch)

It’s a busy end to the Holiday Season, with back-to-back-to-back celebrations, but here’s a quick update on some things. First, a little New Years poem I wrote over at Five By Five Hundred about 2012’s significant lack of jetpacks. I also wrote a little blog / essay about my brain as a writer entitled “Less Talk, More Rock” for the Boston One Minute Play Festival, which is this coming weekend, January 5-7, at Boston Playwrights Theatre, and features two short plays that I wrote. I have very specifically avoided rehearsals, so I’m excited to see what’s going to come out of the little bits of text I wrote. If you’re interested but unavailable to make it to the show, the 8pm performance on Sunday, January 6 will be streamed live on HowlRound’s NewPlay TV, so you can watch the whole thing from the comfort of your laptop.

That’s all for now; see you in The Future!

One Minute Play Festival!

This year, I had the honor of being asked to contribute two plays to the annual One Minute Play Festival, and I have to say, writing a one minute play is a much bigger challenge than you’d expect it to be. The festival hits the stage in January, and I’ll share information about the performances when I have it. In the meantime, I posted one of the plays as my weekly post over at Five By Five Hundred, so you can check it out there. Generally speaking, these plays are meant to be open-ended vehicles for the director, more than a chance for the writer to show his stuff, but I’m pretty happy with the way these turned out.

“The Call” at FiveByFiveHundred.com

Betrayal Begins

We just started rehearsals today (well, rehearsals in Boston; there were a few preliminary days of tablework in NYC) for our upcoming production of Harold Pinter’s Betrayal, one of his most highly regarded plays. The show runs November 9 – December 9 at the Avenue of the Arts / BU Theatre, under the direction of Maria Aitken aka the mom of the director on SMASH aka the lady from A Fish Called Wanda aka fucking Maria Aitken.

Anyway, here’s a video I made of our Artistic Director Peter DuBois talking about the production:

True Believers Updates, Part I

Okay. Breathe. We just made it through opening weekend of True Believers, which saw mostly packed houses and very responsive audiences (and only a few technical malfunctions that hopefully no one noticed but me). All in all, I’d say it’s going well so far! We’ll just have to wait and see what the critics have to say about it.

In the meantime, here’s a little interview I did with Jacqui Bryant, a local Boston entertainment blogger, about the show. Full disclosure: I thought she was writing an article, not posting the full interview transcription, so some of my answers, uh, well, they go on for quite a while (I wanted to give her a lot of information to pull from!)

We also got a nice shout out in the print & online version of DigBoston / The Weekly Dig:

Now, you might assume this unconventionally comedic play (penned by local playwright and Emerson College alum Thom Dunn, go Lions etc.) chronicling the interactions between conventional comic convention-types—aspiring artists, single-minded fanboys, haute couturecosplayers and so on—would be a tad nerdy. You would be right. Some World’s Greatest Detective stuff, that is. But just how nerdy are we talking? Try “Cyborg Head of Stan Lee” nerdy. Yes, that’s a kind of nerdy. The “most” kind.

Ha. Thanks, guys (I think…)

Opus Affair, a social group for young professional interested and involved in the arts in around the Boston area, also highlighted the show in their “On the Town” weekly roundup, praising it with favorable comparisons to both Closer and Magic Mike (both of which I assume were intended as compliments though I’m not entirely sure…)

Anyway, stay tuned, True Believers, for more updates, including production photos and…The Cyborg Head of Stan Lee!

I’m Back Now, And I Brought T-Shirts For Everybody!

I have a confession to make. I didn’t really bring t-shirts for everybody. Although I do have these sweet new business cards! So that’s cool, right?

I know I’ve been slacking (again) lately (again) with keeping this website updated with all of my various doin’s. But it’s not like I’ve not been not doing things (…or is it?)! Instead, I’ve just been too busy doing things to, ya know, write about doing things. It’s kind of why I hate meetings in general, because I’d rather be doing things, than talking about doing things. So this website’s kind of like a meeting then. Except I don’t hate it; in fact, I quite love my little website here. So really, not like a meeting at all.

(shut up Thom) Okay so here’s a brief rundown of where the hell I’ve been:

  • My very short play, Stumped, was performed as part of a staged reading series to celebrate Company One‘s production of Hookman.
  • My debut comic book story, Not Dead Yet, finally saw print in GrayHaven Comics’ sci-fi anthology, The Fifth DimensionAlso the first printing already sold out, which means maybe someday you’ll be able to sell that shit on eBay for like $20 (but probably not)
  • I did a totally awesome article for Quirk Books comparing Samuel Beckett (the playwright) to Sam Beckett (the time traveling protagonist from Quantum Leap) and it was totally awesome. Don’t believe me? Ask the former executive director of the American Theatre Wing!
  • I also started doing some writing for Tor.com, with my first article being a roundup of great sci-fi/fantasy rock bands (so basically my two favorite things, combined. If only there was more beer!)
  • We did another staged reading of my play True Believers as part of ImprovBoston’s Geek Week celebration. It was really great to hear the play out loud in front of different kind of crowd, as it helps me figure out what kind of changes I need to make to the script before the world premiere this summer at the Factory Theatre (July 12 – 21! Get yer tickets while they’re hot! Just kidding, they’re not on sale yet). The lovely producing folks at Vagabond Theatre Group have a post up over at their website about the event so you can catch up on all the happening. There’s also the first part of an instructional series about how to make your very own The Cyborg Head of Stan Lee, which actually comes a lot more in handy than you might think.
  • Did I mention that I launched a new website for the Huntington, and that our world premiere production of The Luck of the Irish was extended, and sold out almost every night? For being, ya know, “just my day job” or whatever, sometimes it keeps me pretty busy as well.
  • Plus Cupcake! So many things, so very busy with this wonderfully little world-premiere-musical-that-could. We raised $6,000 in our Kickstarter campaign (we were going for $3,750…whoops!), and we were the featured show this past Friday on Goldstar. You may have seen some of my sexy posters around town as well (just don’t tell Grant that I photoshopped his arm a bit…) Previews start this Thursday, May 10!
  • AND, to top it all off, I’ve only got like 50 pages left to read in Infinite Jest (finally! Jesus God this book is epic), so I’m gonna go finish that right now and hopefully conquer my crippling fear (no pun intended) of paraplegic Quebecers.

A Love Story for Grownups

In the marketing copy, we’ve been calling BEFORE I LEAVE YOU “a love story for grownups” — but what does that even mean? Sure, it’s a play about old people. Or at least, it’s a play about characters, most of them happen to be transitioning from middle aged to old aged. Playwright Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro play tells a beautiful, seldom told middle-age love story with the freshness and smart sensibility of a young independent filmmaker. While the characters might be older, the humor and the heart of the story are for everyone. I spoke with the cast, director, and playwright about this idea of age that permeates the play, and how we can all relate to it.

The world premiere of BEFORE I LEAVE YOU at the Huntington runs through November 13 at the Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA.

Behind the scenes of Before I Leave You

This season at the Huntington, we’re trying to take a slightly different approach to our video content, this time creating more small and focused “featurettes” instead of one longer, all-encompassing piece about each show (mainly because people have no attention span for 6 minute videos, and this way we can more in). The first up is a series of interviews with Before I Leave You playwright Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro, director Jonathan Silverstein, and the rest of the cast, explaining the story and themes of this new Boston-based world premiere. Enjoy!

True Believers Facebook Contest

As mentioned before, my new play, True Believers, will be receiving a workshop production as part of the Berkshire Fringe Festival. I’ll spend two intensive weeks in the Berkshires, writing and re-writing, before the public workshop on August 13. Here’s the elevator pitch for the play to get you interested:

The heartfelt lives of starcrossed lovers, psychotic fanboys, aspiring comic book writers, cybernetically enhanced humans, and girls who dress like Princess Leia all intertwine over a whirlwind Comic-Con weekend.

(Also, part of the play is set in WORLD OF WARCRAFT. Like, the actual scenes play out within the world of WORLD OF WARCRAFT, when they’re not otherwise taking place on the convention floor. Totally cool, right? I’m brilliant)

To get everyone excited about the smörgåsbord of events going on at the Berkshire Fringe Festival (as if True Believers somehow weren’t exciting enough on its own), they’re holding a Facebook contest to get you extra pumped. One lucky winner will walk away with a $100 cash prize, a season pass to the Berkshire Fringe Festival, and — AND — a snazzy t-shirt. (because we can all use more free snazzy t-shirts, amirite?)

You can read the detailed contest instructions over at the Berkshire Fringe website. Win that money, use it to buy me a beer, and come check out True Believers on August 13!

Fancy Backyard Bohemian Play Readings (plus beer)

This is my professional headshot.Last night, we held a small reading (well, okay, it’s a fairly large cast, but there was audience, so whatever) of my new play True Believers, at the Westerly Street Theatre Company and BrewPub. Also known as My Backyard. Clearly of all of my neighbors were quite impressed by the psuedo-Bohemian lifestyles of me and my friends read plays and drank homebrewed beer.

Did I mention that True Believers is a play about Comic-Con, and includes cyborgs, girls dressed as Princess Leia, and scenes that take place entirely in WORLD OF WARCRAFT? Okay, so maybe we’re less Boheme, more Geek Chic. I’m cool with that.

Thanks to everyone who helped out with the reading; everyone had great feedback to share, and the response helped to get me even more excited for workshopping the play as part of the Berkshire Fringe Festival in August (during which there will be a public staged reading of the play, featuring professional actors and directors. Not that my friends aren’t professional actors/director [which, some of them are! No, really.], but they’re also, well, my friends, and I know them).

Stay tuned (for more information on) True Believers!

Writing, Writing Everywhere, and Not a Drop To Read

I have to apologize for the radio silence here at ThomDunn.net over the last few weeks. Layne Anderson, a close friend and former roommate of mine, passed away unexpectedly on April 7th, and as much as I’ve kept up with everything (well, almost everything), time has been rather a blur. I’ve chronicled the situation as impersonally as possible over at FiveByFiveHundred.com in two posts — Shark Grief, about my own grieving process, and iWake, which as entirely fictional account of a some inappropriate gallows humor inspired by the situation of which Layne would have most certainly approved.

Meanwhile, this week’s entry steps away from the morbidity and explores the quantum mechanics of one night stands as interpreted through Bell’s Theorem, using the Shrödinger’s Cat experiment as a proof. Hopefully, that sounds ridiculous (and ridiculously intriguing) enough for you to check out Shrödinger’s Cat Call, also over at FiveByFiveHundred.com.

Also in the last two weeks, we’ve officially opened Sons of the Prophet at the Huntington, which is then moving to the Roundabout Theatre Company Off-Broadway in the Fall. Plus, I did some filming for Art & Design of the 20th & 21st Centuries and the Boston Print Fair, did a small reading of my new play, True Believers (which is set at a Comic Book Convention and features a cameo by the Cyborg Head of Stan Lee, among other things), and started rehearsals and arrangements for my (wait for it) all-male hard rock Lady Gaga tribute band, Alejandro & the Fame, which is going to be every bit as ridiculous as it sounds. Come check us out on May 20th at the afterparty for Propeller Theatre Company’s all-male production of Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors at the Huntington’s B.U. Theatre.

Woo. Okay. I think that’s it. Tune in next week for your regularly scheduled programming.