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Who Is That Masked Man Anyway?

I have a new superhero identity.

I’m not really sure what my powers are, or if they’d be any use in a fight, but that doesn’t matter. I’ve now experienced the quintessential Spider-Man-esque (RIP) traumatic formative moment, and there is no turning back.

Today on Five By Five Hundred, I reveal my deep secret, the true origin story of my new superheroic identity: Regular Wednesday Comic Book Buyer Guy. A true hero for the modern age.

Read ahead, if you can handle it.

“Origin Story” on FiveByFiveHundred.com

SuperBeer to the Rescue!

Head on over to the fine folks at Quirk Books and check out my world-famous (read: on the internet) Comic Book & Beer Pairings article on their blog! It’s comic books, and beer, together. What more could you possibly want?

Also, shout out to Quirk’s Marketing & Social Media Coordinator Eric Smith for the fantastic pictures that he scrounged together to accompany each entry. They help make the article extra awesome-worthy.

There’s Nothing To Fear — But Fear Itself

Marvel recently wrapped their latest installment of the annual BigMegaUltra Superhero Summer Event, Fear Itself, written by Matt Fraction with art by Stuart Immonen. First of all, I want to congratulate those two talented creators with putting out the first big event book that shipped completely on time, a masterful feat in and of itself (if past event comics are to be any barometer). I realize that writing an event comic is a serious challenge for creators — the nature of such a series requires the writer to blow over the smaller individual character moments (usually reserved for the tie-in books) in favor of dictating the major action of the storyline. The supplementary titles are merely ribs; the main title is the spine of the story, and as such, is expected to present the major story beats with gusto, while still remaining completely self-contained. It is in this regard that, in my opinion — and I’m not just saying this with blind fanboy rage, but an objective mind — Fear Itself failed to make the mark. Continue reading There’s Nothing To Fear — But Fear Itself

The Internet: Giving Dumb People a Voice

I’ve been pretty busy writing and re-writing the script for my play True Believers, but we finally start rehearsals today, so I’m pretty excited.

Despite the gazillion pages I’ve written/re-written in the past week, I knew I still had a post due for Five By Five Hundred. I ended up scouring the YouTube comments on my Glenn Beck/J. Jonah Jameson mash-up video and found one particularly vocal YouTube commenter, whose breathtaking (really, the only word for it) diatribe I mined to create the “Found Poem” that makes up this week’s entry. It does go a little past the 500 word mark — but it was all too priceless to pass up.

Oh, and also, please note: I did no copyediting of any kind. I simply add line breaks for emphasis. The text appears entirely [sic].

I’d like to take a moment to thank the Internet for providing ignorance with a voice, and providing the rest of us with a constant stream of entertainment and funny pictures of animals.

“Race and the Internet, According to Hogwild19100” on FiveByFiveHundred.com

Glenn Beck is J. Jonah Jameson

Did you hear? Spider-Man’s black! Well, technically, he’s half-Hispanic, half-African-American. He is not, despite Glenn Beck’s mad raving, also gay. Nor is it Michelle Obama’s fault.

But here’s some hilarious footage of J. Jonah Jameson that I dubbed with Glenn Beck’s ridiculous rant about a (Oh Em Gee!) black Spider-Man:

Update: AOL’s ComicsAlliance.com has also picked up the video as part of an article on the same topic.

Comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis, who is not only responsible for the creation of the new Spider-Man but is also the one who joked about the idea of the mash-up video in the first place (I can’t take full credit!), has also been tweeting it pretty heavily.