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Toni Tone Tony

So this one time, I won a Tony Award.


(damn I look good in a tux)

Okay well technically my entire company won a Tony Award, but still, I fall under that category. Which means that I am now officially a Tony Award-winning playwright! I just, you know, didn’t win the Tony Award for playwriting; I won it for, uh, well, I guess, Web & New Media Management. WHATEVER YO I GOT A TONY.

Anyway, it was awesome. I’ve recapped the experience over on the Huntington’s blog, as well as on the Boston Herald website, so you can read about it in detail on one of those sites. But mostly I just wanted to brag for a moment. So excuse me while I go brush my shoulders off.

God! Of! Carnage!

Here’s a new teaser trailer I put together for our upcoming production of GOD OF CARNAGE at the Huntington. The show won the Tony and Olivier Awards in New York last year for Best Comedy, and it’s definitely something worth something. It’s a quick, 70 minute romp of chaos about two couples in Brooklyn who come together after their children get in a fight on a playground. Hilarity ensues. (There’s also a film version, directed by Roman Polanski, simply called “Carnage” that’s playing at some small arthouse cinemas around the country right now) The show is directed by Danny Goldstein, who most recently directed the Godspell revival that’s currently playing on Broadway, so that’s cool, too. Previews start this Friday (when we also have our totally awesome 35 Below after party with booze and a live band and all sorts of fun stuff) and runs through February 5.

Anyway, here’s the video. Woof Woof.

Sons of the Prophet Teaser Trailer

Check out this brand new teaser trailer that I created for Stephen Karam’s Sons of the Prophet, which is having it’s world premiere at the Huntington Theatre Company in Boston before moving to the Roundabout Theatre Company in New York later in the year.

Also, featuring Joanna Gleason, who totally won the Tony Award for the Best Actress for the original production of Into the Woods! Ya know, if you’re into that kind of thing.

And in case you were wondering, the deer’s name is Bruce.