An Encounter

This short screenplay was originally written for a Novel into Film class I took in college, and is based on a short story by James Joyce. Set in Dublin in the early 1900s, An Encounter chronicles the adventures of two young boys who decide to skip school one day, ultimately meeting a strange, strange man on a hill.
Things to Note:

  • Ciaran’s final line, “Go n-ithe cata thú agus go n-ithean diabhaill an cata,” is an Irish saying that translates to “May the cat eat you, and the Devil eat the cat.” The end of the short story reveals Ciaran’s inner monologue and feelings towards his friend — “I had always despised him a bit,” he says — and I felt that this line got the same thing across.
  • Yeahhhhhhhh that creepy guy totally leaves in the middle of the conversation to rub one out. Just one of the reason that Joyce’s books were banned for a time.

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